How to use Verse DEX

Connect to your favorite Web3 wallet, including the Wallet (via WalletConnect). Here’s how:

On mobile

  1. Go to and select “Connect Wallet.”
  2. Choose WalletConnect as the connection method, and select Wallet.
  3. In the Wallet, approve the connection request.

On desktop

  1. Go to and select “Connect Wallet.”
  2. Choose WalletConnect as the connection method. This will display a QR code.
  3. Open the Wallet app, select the scanner icon, and scan the QR code that’s displayed on your desktop.
  4. Tap “CONNECT” in your Wallet app to confirm the connection.

You can also use the Verse DEX with MetaMask. Here’s a complete guide for getting set up with Metamask, and here’s how the DEX looks on desktop with MetaMask:

What is the Verse DEX?

The Verse DEX, available at, is a full-featured decentralized exchange. It is a key component of the ecosystem, providing anyone in the world with a secure way to permissionlessly swap cryptocurrencies without having to rely on third-party custodians. You can also earn yield by providing liquidity to the Verse DEX. More information about VERSE token is available at

Can we buy VERSE on exchanges?

VERSE is available to trade on Verse Dex at The first trading pair is VERSE/ETH. For instructions on how to use the Verse DEX, please see this guide. If you’re new to the concept of decentralized exchange, this primer will get you started.

As for centralized exchanges, we are in talks with several top-tier exchanges, however we are not able to announce prior to the listings going live.

How do I add VERSE token to Metamask and other web3 wallets?

To add tracking for VERSE to your favorite web3 wallet, the process is typically to select add/import token then enter the VERSE token contract address, which is: 0x249ca82617ec3dfb2589c4c17ab7ec9765350a18 (view on Etherscan).

In Metamask specifically:

  1. From the Assets tab, scroll down and select import tokens.
  2. Next select the Custom token tab.
  3. In the Token contract address field, enter the following:0x249ca82617ec3dfb2589c4c17ab7ec9765350a18 (view on Etherscan). That should automatically fill in the token symbol, which is VERSE and the number of decimals, which should be 18.

How do I manage my VERSE using a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor?

If you’re holding VERSE in an address managed by a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor, you can safely transact VERSE by connecting your hardware wallet to MetaMask. Once you’ve connected your hardware wallet to MetaMask, you’ll initiate VERSE transactions using MetaMask then sign those transactions with your connected hardware wallet. MetaMask’s Hardware Wallet Support Hub provides links to step-by-step instructions for connecting each of the hardware wallets it supports, which at the time of writing are Ledger, Trezor, AirGap, Vault, Keystone, and Lattice. Note that connections to hardware wallets are currently only supported in the browser extension version of Metamask (ie. not the mobile app version).

What can I do with my VERSE tokens?

As described in the Verse white paper and this article, the VERSE token’s utility will include unlocking rewards along tiers, method of payment in the ecosystem and beyond, yield farming and more.

For now, you can start earning VERSE by providing liquidity to the ETH/VERSE pool on Verse DEX. Here’s a guide for how to contribute to liquidity pools and earn yield.