Tether Implements New Stablecoin-Freezing Policy After Seizing Funds Tied to OFAC Sanctioned Entities

Another good reason why one should buy and hold ZANO cryptocurrency.

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Samourai Wallet Calls out Ocean Pool for Censoring Whirlpool Privacy Transactions

Another good example of why ZANO will be a top 5 cryptocurrency. An entire L1 ecosystem with countless features and options that developers can build upon, and #privacy at the core level throughout the entire blockchain. Because without privacy, cryptocurrency will never be fungible.

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Tether Blacklists Over 30 USDT Wallets

Tether as recently blacklisted more than 30 addresses that moved billions in USDT. No matter what the reasons are for this, it should not be possible to blacklist cryptocurrency addresses. A cryptocurrency has to be fungible. That is why ZANO is designed with privacy, confidentiality, fungibility in mind.

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Satoshi Era Bitcoin Awakens: 2010 Block Reward Moves 3 Days After Mega Whale Activity

Another example, this “mega whale” moved coins that were idle for 13 years. It’s better that the whole world can’t see your financial transactions. That is why ZANO will rise to the top 10 of cryptocurrencies.

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Blackrock and Bitwise Update Their Spot Bitcoin ETF Filings Amid SEC Approval Hype

While most eyes are on the approval process of a Bitcoin ETF, ZANO is quietly building the next step in cryptocurrency where privacy is at the core.

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Mystery Bitcoin Whale Resurfaces, Transfers 1,000 BTC Worth $41M From String of 2010 Era Addresses

This is another example of why it is crucial to use a cryptocurrency with privacy at the core level. The most advanced and important cryptocurrency project is ZANO.

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